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We are San Francisco Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing San Francisco, CA. For your wildlife control needs, our company has a team of technicians covering the area, and we can usually arrange for somebody to attend your property quickly after you contact us. Providing a comprehensive service is a point of pride for us, and we ensure our staff are trained to use the latest equipment available, and are up to date with the latest techniques to catch the pesky little animals in your home or business. We have been dealing with wildlife problems for people just like you for over a decade, and are proud to be available for you when you need us. Our advisers are available to deal with your queries around the clock, and can give you an idea of cost over the phone, while our technicians will then give you a written quote after a visit to your property. We try our best to carry out the work as efficiently as possible for the most competitive price, but the highest quality of work is also very important for us. Whether you have started to see signs of animal activity in or around your property, or whether you have an emergency animal problem, give us a call and see what we can do. Call us now at 415-329-6505 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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San Francisco Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Attic Pest Droppings Cleanup

It is annoying and frustrating to encounter a pile of dropping in your attic. It does not only imply that you have an unwanted visitor, it also means that the safety of your house has been compromised. Dealing with droppings of the pests is necessary since you want to eliminate that offensive odor immediately. It can also guarantee that you are safe from bacteria-causing diseases.

Tips When Cleaning the Droppings in Your Attic
When cleaning the droppings in your attic, you will also encounter different types of debris such as nesting materials, small chunks of food, body hairs, and urine. It is also not surprising to come across small parasites lurking in your attic. The presence of pests in your attic will be a source of common health concerns. Furthermore, they can also damage the insulation that can increase your monthly utility expenses.

Removing the Pests
Before you even take all the cleaning materials in your attic, you will have to ensure that the pests have been removed from your attic. You need to determine first what type of creature or pests is invading your attic. After this, you will be able to identify the right solution for your problem. To make things easier, you might want to inquire about the service of a pest or wildlife removal company. Depending on their experience, it may require several days before they can successfully eliminate the vermin.

Seal All the Entrances
After the creature has been removed, it is now time for you to identify the possible access point of the creature. All your efforts will be wasted if you allow another creature to invade your attic. Use a mesh wire when covering the hole. Fix the gap and damages on your walls and your roof. Replace all the damaged insulation materials.

Inspecting the Attic
You should first determine the severity of the infestation before starting with your cleaning task. Use protective gears when inspecting your attic. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a flashlight with you. Determine the extent of the damage and the amount of effort needed to clean and fix the damage. In case you think that it is too complex, allow the professionals to handle the task.

Cleaning Your Attic
Start by using a vacuum cleaner to remove all the debris and droppings in your attic. If possible, avoid physical contact with the animal wastes in your attic. Use a strong cleaning solution but refrain from choosing a solution that contains chemicals. Wear gloves, face mask, and goggles to protect yourself from the bacteria and parasites in your attic. After the attic has been completely sanitized, deodorize your attic to remove any trace of scent of the creature. Removing the odor of the pest will minimize the possibility of future infestation. Feces and urine of the pests can be hazardous to your health. Now that you have successfully cleaned your attic from the droppings of the nuisance creature, you can again enjoy the safety of your home.