Possible Causes of San Francisco Raccoon Odor and Effective Ways to Remove the Smell

When you have a raccoon infestation, it should be expected that they will urinate and defecate in various corners of our house. There are instances that their feces will be contained in one areas of our house. However, it will usually be all over our house. Once you notice the suffocating stench of the raccoon, you need to know the cause of this odor in order to successfully eliminate it.

Causes of Raccoon Odor
For someone who has been working in the wildlife industry for years, it is not that uncommon that we will receive a concern from the local residents asking us about the source of the stench that emanates from their walls or other parts of their house. Here are some of the possible causes of the raccoon odor.

• Urine/Feces of the Raccoon- Some animals such as the raccoon will urinate and defecate inside our houses. In case you failed to remove them immediately, the urine and feces can easily build up and you will start smelling that irritating scent. Remember that there are instances that you can have urine and feces of the raccoon but it will not really smell especially if it is found in the attic. The odor can be contained by the insulations and released by the ventilation system.

• The Raccoon-The odor that the smell might emanate from the raccoon. As time passed by the smell of the raccoon in your house will be more pronounced. There are also times when they will die inside our house that will create that decaying scent. In case you noticed a putrid odor and the sudden increase of flies, then the scent might be caused by the carcass of the dead raccoon.

Effective Ways to Eliminate the Raccoon Smell
There are heaps of methods that you can use to effectively address this situation. Start by finding the source of the raccoon odor. You need to remain cautious when looking for the source. A living animal can launch an attack once they feel threatened. You should also make sure that you are wearing the appropriate gear when dealing with the dead or alive raccoon.

• Improve the Circulation- In case the source of the raccoon odor is in a confined space like your attic, then you will have to open the windows first to enhance the circulation of air.

• Deodorant- When you are using a deodorant, it is not required to use something special. The things that you want to smell determines the best deodorant that you should use. You should also be careful in spraying deodorant since this can affect the color of the surface.
Finally, you should remember that the smell will eventually dissipate as long as you address the root cause of the problem. There are also products in the market that can absorb the odor. You can ask the experts to determine the better solution for the irritating raccoon odor in your house.