San Francisco and the Different Species of Bats in the US

Bats are the only mammal that has the capacity to fly. They also have an echolocation ability that enables them to avoid the obstacles when they fly. Aside from the rodents, they are the second most populous mammals. While most people will fear them due to the way that they have been depicted on mainstream media, they actually deliver myriads of benefits. Their guano will fertilize the land and they can control the population of insects that destroy crops and cause diseases.

Different Bats That Are Found in the US
With the highly adaptable abilities of the bats, they can be found in different areas of the US. Here are some of the most interesting bats that you will encounter here. We will also provide some interesting facts about them that will make you appreciate these creatures more.

Western Pipistrelle
The Western pipistrelles are located mostly in the western part of the US. They are also known as canyon bat which is the smallest type of bats in the US. Its wings will only span around 200 millimeters. They will normally be the first specie of bat that will fly in the evening and they are also the last bat that will look for shelter. Compared to others, they will prefer to roost in the crevices of rocks. They will also look for roosting site that has an elevation of below 5,000ft.

Western Mastiff Bat
This is also common specie of bat that you will find in the US. This is the largest type of bat that is native in the US. Due to their large wingspan, they will require a space that is at least 3 ft in order to have enough space to spread their wings and take off. Their echolocation ability can be recorded in a distant that is more than 300 meters.

Pallid Bat
Pallid bat can also be found in Canada and the central and south Mexico. They have large eyes that are the biggest among the species of bats that you will find in North America. They also love the taste of the scorpions and crickets. They can eat at least half of their total body weight in a single night. An ability that separates them from the rest of the bat is that they can alter their inner temperature that will enable them to match their rest and hibernation period.

This is a bat that is native to Texas. It acquired its name from the unusual fold of its skin and the nose that is poorly developed. They have a large nose that extends to its forehead. Their temperature will be higher compared to the normal types of bat. They are also sensitive to extremely cold weather. These are just some of the interesting bats that you can find in the US. While they have been depicted negatively by the media, they really provide a range of benefits that enables us to enjoy a safer environment.

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